DR-7932 Brand Designer 1:1 Messenger Bag Leather Handbag High Quality Original Hardware Shoulder Bag Crossbody Bag Flip Bag

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All Photos are Actually Taken.The Photo is Consistent with the Physical Delivery.Trust is an Extremely Important Principle.Thank you!

Dear Friend: Please read before ordering.

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Strict packaging and transportation, please rest assured to order.

Box needs to be purchased separately! ! !

Thank you so much for visiting our store!

We have received inquiries and messages from most of our friends before ordering. We have sorted out the general questions as follows:

1. Why do you have to choose us?

Answer:Because many of my friends buy from cheap stores, and after a long month of waiting, they receive low-quality items. Even, the chain has faded, the size of the item has been reduced, the seam has cracked and so on. Of course, this is unbearable for anyone, but that's not to complain about, because cheap items always have an appeal.

"Please stop buying cheap and inferior goods now"

**Items ordered in our store, we must be responsible for you. Remember, friends, don't make yourself unhappy by choosing cheap, low-quality items for such a subtle price difference. Please believe me, and rest assured to order in our store, in the description, we will try our best to provide real photos for your reference, to ensure that the ordered goods you receive are exactly the same as the real ones.

Our products will surely amaze you and be very satisfied, just like our more anchor friends, they proposed to us for cooperation after receiving our products, and we are very happy to be friends with every sincere customer.

2. When will it be shipped after ordering?

Answer: We are supplying super factories all over the world and provide goods and services to more than 200 super collaborators. After receiving your order, we will check the quality of your product as soon as possible to ensure that it is perfect and then ship it to you. Therefore, make sure that your delivery address is prepared correctly to avoid delays in delivery. After receiving the goods, please give us your top evaluation, we will plan to provide multiple discounts for loyal followers, I hope you can support us and serve you for a long time.

3. Do you want to order more famous brand products?

Answer: Of course you can! As long as you send us an inquiry at any time, you will get an immediate response. I hope you have a photo of the product, brand name or model number of the product ready in advance, we will provide you with the order price and order link immediately.

4. Do I want to get a discount for ordering more than one item at a time?

Answer: Of course you can! If you would like to order multiple items and become our super partner, we will be more than happy to help you with our high quality products and top service as always. I wish us a happy cooperation!

5. Can't order in my country?

Answer: If you find that the country you are in cannot order, please be sure to ask us immediately, and we will immediately confirm for you whether it can be shipped to your country. Shipping permissions.

I wish friends from all over the world: happiness, peace and wealth!

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